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Individual counseling to help ease depression and anxiety

When coping with depression, anxiety, trauma or mental fatigue becomes too much to bear on your own, it may be time to see a therapist. Choosing counseling and therapy can help you better cope with life's transitions such as death and divorce. 

  • Individual counseling sessions average approximately 45 minutes
  • Counseling services incorporate relaxation techniques to assist with anxiety issues
  • Learn tools and techniques to alleviate feelings of sadness, anger and anxiety in conversations with your therapist

Explore what is on your mind, learn how to effectively deal with life's disturbances

Guidance from a therapist can help you be better equipped to deal with the problems that life brings. Whether you need marriage counseling in order to communicate better with your partner or a compassionate ear to help you express repressed feelings, we are here to help.

  • Ask about our counselors who practice many types of therapy
  • Counseling sessions for relationship issues
  • Marriage counseling

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